August 2020

Hello, Hola, السلام عليكم

2020-the international year of the nurse and the midwife. The year we shall all remember for turning our lives upside down. As nurses we have been called to be on the frontlines of this pandemic. Some of us have been pulled back to our ICU or ER roots. Some of us have unfortunately been personally impacted by this horrible virus. Yet still we have been creative figuring out how to safely get our MS patients their care. They still needs labs. They still need PT. They still lean on us for emotional support.

Through all of this I have depended on you all. I’ve reached out to many of you to learn from-How are your patients? What have you seen? How are YOU doing? I really don’t know what I would do without my IOMSN colleagues.

I wish for you that you have this same experience with the IOMSN. This is YOUR organization. There are so many resources to tap into with the IOMSN. I encourage you to do so if you have not. If there are resources you are missing or new ideas you have please let us hear them.

I sincerely desire that over my next two years of IOMSN presidency that you feel like a true valuable member of this amazing group of nurses. I plan to set up regional liaison zoom meeting over the next few months to “meet” more of you. If that does not appeal to you please feel free to email me so we can connect:

I hope over the next two years that we have the opportunity to meet in person. Until it is safe to do, please stay safe, take care of yourselves and know we are in this together.

Denise Bruen, ANP-BC, MSN, MSCN