Wallette Widener, PhD, FNP-BC, CNRN, MSCN

Wallette Widener, PhD, FNP-BC, CNRN, MSCN has had a nursing career spanning over thirty years and has dedicated two decades to the field of Neurology as a family nurse practitioner. Her expertise has been a cornerstone at Savannah Neurology Specialists for 20+ years, where she has been pivotal in pioneering specialized care for multiple sclerosis (MS), earning recognition from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Currently, Wallette offers extensive MS care across diverse communities in southeast Georgia and the southern coastal regions of South Carolina. Her role extends beyond patient care; she is a valued advisor among peers, a volunteer with the local National MS Society chapter, and contributor to charities addressing chronic neurological conditions. Her doctoral research on self-care for MS patients underscores her passion and commitment to advocacy and education, which is evident in her ongoing enthusiasm and support of their own Chronic Care Management program at Savannah Neurology Specialists which provides comprehensive services to their patients with demyelinating disease(s). Since 2011, Wallette has been a member of the International Organization of Multiple Sclerosis Nurses (IOMSN), serving on the research committee since 2014. She is a staunch supporter of professional development, exemplified by her role on the Multiple Sclerosis Nurses International Certification Board (MSNICB), where she currently liaises for IOMSN and the Item Writing/Review Committee. For the past two years, she has held the position of Secretary on the IOMSN executive board.

Her dedication extends beyond MS to include spinal muscle atrophy (SMA), where she is a founding member and board member of the SMA Angels Charity. This non-profit organization is committed to funding SMA research and providing support to families affected by SMA. Wallette’s expansive volunteer work, with various local and national charities highlights her unwavering commitment to addressing the chronic care needs of those with MS and other neurological conditions. She stands as a pillar of support and advocacy in her community, aspiring to reflect the fervor of her predecessors in this role.


Sara Schaefer, NP-BC, CNRN, NP, MSCN

Sara Schaefer, NP-BC, CNRN, NP, MSCN is an MS nurse with twelve years of experience. From 2012-2016 she practiced at the Linda Morgante MS Center at Maimonides in Brooklyn, NY. In 2013, she completed a Nurse Practitioner degree in Primary Care Adult – Gerontology. In 2016, she relocated to Colorado and has been practicing General Neurology specializing in MS at UCHealth Neurology in Fort Collins, CO. She obtained the designation of Comprehensive MS Care Center granted by the National MS Society for their office in 2018.

She is proud to be the IOMSN West Regional Liaison. She has worked on increasing membership and awareness of the IOMSN. She has been an IOMSN Board of Directors appointee for the past year. Additionally, she participates as a co-chair of the IOMSN Scholarship Committee, serving on the Nightingale selection committee and awards committee.

She sits on the National MS Society Mountain West Provider Council. She is involved annually as team captain and fundraiser for Bike MS and Walk MS. She is a board member and a speaker for the Brain Health Center of the Rockies. This is a non-profit organization who provides no cost virtual MS education and promotes brain health for patients and caregivers affected by MS. In 2020, she was granted the IOMSN Nightingale award for my participation in this program. The award monies I received were allocated to helping to change the program to a virtual and continue our work despite COVID precautions.

Personal Statement: To the members of the IOMSN: I ask for your consideration as a candidate for the role of IOMSN Secretary. My professional record demonstrates a career-long commitment to improve the care of MS patients and empower MS nurses. I am currently the IOMSN West Regional Liaison and a member of the Board of Directors. I would like to increase my contribution to the IOMSN board into the position of Secretary. My vision for the IOMSN is to grow our membership and visibility. The IOMSN continues to be a foundation for my MS knowledge. I plan keep the IOMSN relevant with evolving needs for learning and obtaining evidence-based information. I want our organization to remain a source for networking and collaboration of MS nurses. Additionally, I will continue to elevate both MS RNs and NPs to work at the top of their scope. Thank you for your time and consideration.