Definition of an Affiliate Organization

An affiliate of the International Organization of Multiple Sclerosis Nurses (IOMSN) is an organization of two (2) or more nursing professionals who are actively involved in multiple sclerosis care with common goals of advancing nursing education in MS, promoting nursing research, and optimizing care for all those affected by multiple sclerosis.

Application for Affiliation

The MS nursing organization that votes to become an IOMSN affiliate must request affiliate status in writing with the following information:


  • mission and goals
  • membership categories/membership database
  • rationale for IOMSN affiliation
  • fiscal/incorporation status

The IOMSN mission and goals may be adopted by the affiliate group as their own or until such time the affiliate has developed their own.

The IOMSN board will review this application in a timely manner. The outcome of the review process will be communicated to the applicant within one month.

Organizations accepted as affiliates will elect one member as representative to the IOMSN Board. To the extent possible, these meetings will be scheduled in association with an international MS conference. However, the cost of travel remains the responsibility of the affiliate.

All members of the affiliate organization will be granted membership to the IOMSN organization.

Benefits of Association / Affiliation
  • Full rights of an IOMSN member
  • Access to current information of MS best nurse practice
  • Access to support materials for specific treatment or management in MS
  • Education materials for patients and health professionals provided
  • Email correspondence to nurse experts on points of MS nurse practice and care
  • Mentorship for specific nurse related issues in caring for the person with MS
  • Website addresses for reliable professional information
  • Newsletter and updates

    - Newsletters will be sent to the affiliate organization address for distribution to the membership

  • Information regarding conferences and events related to nursing and MS care
  • Link with international nurses who may share similar circumstances
  • Organizational advice and mentorship

    - Help with establishing an official MS nurse group in respective country
    - Development of programs
    - Meeting planning
    - Newsletter development

  • Website assistance
  • Speaker training
  • Educational support to prepare for MSCN examination
  • Scholarships available for research, ongoing education, conference attendance (a process is in place for all IOMSN members and affiliates and is posted on the website
  • Opportunity for joint meetings
  • Opportunity to network with other MS nurses
Cost of Affiliation

There is no cost to the affiliate organization for the first 24 months of affiliation. Thereafter, the cost of affiliation will be based on a percentage of the affiliate membership dues. As this cost is not meant to cause financial hardship; it can be considered on an individual basis.