Attention: Professional Partners of the International Organization of Multiple Sclerosis Nurses

The IOMSN leadership is interested in supporting educational activities for nursing professionals and welcomes opportunities for collaboration and/or input with developing programs or programs already in development. Collaborative activities may result in endorsement of programs and services. Our External Relations Committee would be happy to work with you to review your proposals.

For more information, please contact:

Lynn Stazzone, ANP, MS, MSCN
IOMSN External Relations - Chair

Policy for IOMSN Endorsement and/or Use of IOMSN Logo


When the IOMSN initiates, develops, implements, and funds a project with or without a grant or funding from an external source, the IOMSN wording shall read as follows:

"This project was developed by the IOMSN as a resource for MS nurses. IOMSN has developed the content with consideration for validity, fair balance, and accuracy and is proud to endorse the project with its logo."


When a project is complete and we are asked to review it and provide a statement but we were not included in the development or final product, we can state:

"IOMSN has reviewed this project that was developed by _____________ as a resource for ___________. IOMSN has concluded that this project is fair balanced and accurate and is valid for educational purposes."

Logo can then be included at the end of the statement.