IOMSN is committed to making the organization as accessible as possible.  Regional Liaisons are knowledgeable, experienced nurses who live and work in MS care across the country.  They are available to assist you in accessing the information that you need.

Here are a few ways your Regional Liaison can serve you:

• Increase awareness of IOMSN related educational opportunities
• Connect you to the IOMSN Google Group 
• Serve as a resource for MS care related concerns
• Provide information about the organization to new or potential member
• Collect recommendations for how IOMSN can better serve you

We hope that you will take advantage of the opportunity to reach out to your Liaison for any of your MS nursing needs. Please use the maps to identify your Liaison based on your region.


Amy Gilbert, RN, MSCN
Midwest Regional Liaison

Sara Schaefer, RN, BSN, AGNP, MSCN
West Regional Liaison

Crystal Wright, RN, AGNP-BC, MSN, MSCN
Southwest Regional Liaison

Yolanda Wheeler, PhD, CRNP, CPNP-AC, MSCN
Southeast Regional Liaison

Meagan Adamson, DNP, FNP-BC, MSCN
Northeast Regional Liaison


Shelley Amodeo, RN, MSCN
Central Regional Liaison

Bonnie Blain, RN, MSCN
Prairie Regional Liaison

Peggy Cook, RN, BSN
Atlantic Regional Liaison

Jill Nelson, RN, BScN, MSCN
Northwest Regional Liaison


Marie Moore, MSN, NP, MSCN
International Liaison