This set of slides was developed by IOMSN members and approved by our External Relations Committee for fair balance.
    This component was designed to be used in the education of patients with MS. It includes information on:
  1. what multiple sclerosis does in the body

  2. how it affects the body's immune system

  3. disease demographics

  4. relapse and disability concerns, and

  5. the roles of the immunomodulators in managing MS.

It also includes injection information and side effect considerations.

This file is a downloadable PowerPoint® file that includes speaker notes. To see the notes, once you have saved the file to your local computer drive, be sure to view the file using "Normal View" and, depending on your personal settings and version of PowerPoint®, be sure your screen dividers are set so that you can see the words.”

Kathleen Costello, RN, MS, NP, MSCN, Clinical Director at the University of Maryland Center for MS is the editor and the chart is supported through an educational grant fromTeva Neuroscience.

Click the following link to view the presentation Multiple Sclerosis: Disease & Therapy Overview