These rules govern the operations of the International Organization of MS Nurses (IOMSN) and support the bylaws.  They may be amended by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.


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    I. Goals/Strategies

      A. Facilitate the development of a specialized branch of nursing in multiple sclerosis.
    1. Develop and maintain a mechanism by which members can share information on practice positions and resources.
    2. Establish the IOMSN as a forum for discussion and collaboration on issues that concern multiple sclerosis nurses.
    3. Serve as a resource for external organizations related to multiple sclerosis practice issues.
    4. Promote the acknowledgement of the contribution of IOMSN as the pre-eminent organization of MS nurses.
    5. Participate with other nursing organizations involved in MS care or related fields.
    6. Share information on research activities among members.

      B. Establish standards of nursing care in multiple sclerosis.
    1. Develop minimal standards of MS nursing practice in multiple sclerosis.
    2. Facilitate the development of a core curriculum for multiple sclerosis nursing to disseminate this information.
    3. Identify specific domains of MS nursing and define basic roles and responsibilities in each domain.

      C. Support multiple sclerosis nursing research, basic research, and clinical trials.
    1. Encourage research activities that contribute to the development of a sound theoretical basis for MS practice.
    2. Recommend research topics for educational sessions at IOMSN meetings for dissemination of evidence-based information.
    3. Develop and implement nursing research.
    4. Disseminate MS nursing research findings through publications and educational activities.

      D. Educate the healthcare community about multiple sclerosis.
    1. Promote communication among the IOMSN membership via the newsletter, web site, and other venues.
    2. Facilitate internal and external communication about multiple sclerosis care and research.

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    II. Membership

    A. Eligibility
    Membership in the IOMSN shall be limited to those individuals who meet the criteria established in the bylaws of the IOMSN.

      B. Application
    1. Membership applications are available from the IOMSN office.
    2. Application for membership shall be submitted on a request basis throughout the year. a. A formal application along with information about the applicant’s activities, expertise, and special interest in multiple sclerosis shall be submitted by the applicant.
      b. A membership fee of $40.00 USD will be assessed to all applicants.
      c. The application shall be submitted to the IOMSN office.
      d. The IOMSN office shall forward all membership applications to the membership committee.
      e. The membership committee shall review the applications for eligibility for membership and shall recommend approval or disapproval or ask for resubmission of the application with appropriate changes.
      f. The membership committee shall forward the application recommendation for final action to the executive board.
      g. Following acceptance of membership, the IOMSN office shall provide the member a copy of IOMSN's Bylaws and Standard Rules of Procedure.
      h. The Board of Directors will be informed of new members at the annual meeting and the full membership will be updated via the printed membership directory and on the IOMSN Website.

      C. Termination
    1. A member may terminate their membership in the IOMSN at any time by notifying the IOMSN office.
    2. A member failing to pay the required annual dues shall automatically forfeit their membership.

      D. Appeal Process
    1. All appeals are to be directed in writing to the Board of Directors regarding termination, resignation, and application denial. This will be reviewed at the next regularly scheduled board meeting.
    2. Appeal approval requires a majority vote of the Board of Directors.

      E. Voting Privilege
    1. Full members shall have one vote.
    2. Corporate members shall not make motions or vote.

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    III. Meetings

    The Annual Meeting shall include an education session, a business meeting for the IOMSN membership, separate meetings for the board, committees, special interest groups, partners, and sponsors.

    Meeting sites and dates shall be determined at least two years in advance of the meeting by the Board of Directors.

      A. Education Sessions
    1. The program content and presenters shall be recommended by the Education Committee to the Board of Directors and implemented by the IOMSN office in response to recommendations by the membership.
    2. Fees for attendees shall be determined by the IOMSN Board of Directors.
    3. Exhibitors who provide services relevant to the mission of the IOMSN shall be invited to participate in the IOMSN annual meeting.
    4. Fees for the exhibitors shall be recommended by the external relations committee to the Board of Directors and these policies shall be implemented by the IOMSN office.
    5. Members of the press shall be encouraged to audit IOMSN meetings.
    6. Written material relevant to the IOMSN meetings received by the IOMSN office shall be provided to all press registrants by the IOMSN office.
    7. Members of the press are excluded from executive sessions and Board meetings.

      B. Business Meeting of the Membership
    1. At each annual meeting, the membership shall receive an annual report from the Board of Directors, the committee chairs, project leaders, executive directors, and other designees.
    2. Members present shall constitute a quorum.
    3. Agenda: a. At least 30 days prior to the annual meeting, the IOMSN office shall mail to each member all proper forms and informational items necessary for the meeting. This shall include materials related to the election of officers, modification/amendment to the bylaws, or any board action that requires ratification by the membership. b. Agenda items must be submitted to the IOMSN office no later than one month prior to the IOMSN meeting for consideration of the Board of Directors. c. The president shall set the agenda and facilitate the meeting.

      C. Board Meetings
    1. The board shall convene at the annual meeting in addition to other times and at places throughout the year as designated by the President.
    2. When possible, travel and room charges will be covered by the IOMSN for elected board members. The Executive Committee will make feasibility decisions.
    3. The President shall set the agenda and facilitate the meetings, using the protocol as outlined in the bylaws.
    4. At least two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled meeting, the IOMSN office shall send to each attendee a copy of the agenda with support material for the agenda items.
    5. With board approval, and as time permits, late agenda items may be added during the meeting. The duplication of support materials for late agenda items must be assumed by the person or person(s) submitting these late items.
    6. Reports from each committee chair, heads of task forces and special interest groups may be included in the agenda at the direction of the president or at the request of the chairs or project leaders. The length of oral reports is at the discretion of the president. Written reports are strongly encouraged.

    D. Committee Meetings
    Standing committees shall meet during the annual meeting and as needed throughout the year. These may be in person meeting, via email, or conference.
      E. Special Interest Groups
    1. Special Interest Groups (SIG) will be encouraged to hold their meetings during the annual meeting.
    2. A representative of the SIG shall report to the Board of Directors during the board meeting.

    F. Partners and Sponsors Meetings
    Partners and Sponsors may meet with the Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting and during the year as organized by the IOMSN office directed by the President and recommended by the chair of the External Relations Committee.

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    IV. Minutes

      A. Business Meeting of the Membership
    1. Proceedings of the membership meeting will be recorded by the IOMSN secretary and transcribed within three weeks of the meeting as arranged with the IOMSN office.
    2. The Secretary of the IOMSN, with the assistance of the IOMSN office, shall prepare the minutes and send them to the Board of directors for their review and files.
    3. The minutes of the business meeting of the membership shall be posted on the IOMSN Website for membership review.
    4. The minutes of the business meeting of the membership shall be approved at the next annual meeting.

      B. Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting
    1. Minutes shall be drafted by the IOMSN secretary within 30 days of the meeting and sent to the IOMSN office.
    2. The IOMSN office shall copy and distribute one set of minutes to the full Board of Directors within two weeks of receiving draft minutes and at least one week prior to the next meeting.
    3. A summary of Board actions shall be made known at the annual business meeting of the membership.

      C. Committee and Task Force Reports
    1. All committees and task forces shall send a report to the IOMSN office within four weeks following a meeting or conference call.
    2. The IOMSN office shall copy and distribute one set of reports to the Board of Directors.

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    V. Committees

      A. Standing Committees
    1. Bylaws a. Provides annual review of the Bylaws and recommends amendments to the Board of Directors.
      b. Reviews suggested Bylaw amendments submitted to the Board of Directors.
      c. Oversees the voting and amendment processes outlined in Roberts' Rule of Order.
      d. In cooperation with the Executive Director, distributes Bylaws amendments to the membership 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting for review and vote.
      e. Ensures completion and distribution of the signed and dated Bylaws amendments to the Board of Directors and membership.
    2. Membership Committee a. Actively recruits members and assists the Board of Directors in the IOMSN office in their recruitment efforts.
      b. Reviews applications for new membership and recommends approval or disapproval.
      c. Presents an annual report to the Board of Directors and IOMSN membership.
    3. Nominating Committee a. Shall be chaired by the Past President.
      b. Reviews current membership on the Board of Directors and officers and identifies vacant offices.
      c. Nominees shall be contacted to determine their interest in serving and shall be given a description of their roles.
      d. A final slate of nominees shall be forwarded to the Executive Director who will disseminate biographical material including a statement of nominees' vision for the proposed office.
      e. A ballot shall be developed and distributed by the IOMSN office and should be returned to the IOMSN office.
      f. Ballots shall be counted by the Treasurer and Executive Director prior to the Business Meeting. Results shall be announced to the membership at the Business Meeting of the Annual Meeting and posted on the IOMSN Website.
    4. Communications Committee a. Promotes communication efforts with the IOMSN membership such as the newsletter and the web site.
      b. Supports activities that influence multiple sclerosis care and research.
      c. Recommends topics to the program committee for educational sessions for the annual meeting.
      d. Reviews and approves submissions for papers, posters, and methods for the annual meeting as well as items submitted for posting on the IOMSN website.
      e. Provides input and oversight on the IOMSN website.
    5. External Relations Committee a. Facilitates internal and external communication about multiple sclerosis care and research.
      b. Works in collaboration with the IOMSN office to develop and strengthen internal and external relations.
      c. Reviews proposals submitted to the IOMSN for consideration and provides recommendations to the Executive Committee.
    6. Research Committee a. Provide assistance for proposal development and grant requests by linking with experts in the field.
      b. Provide support for publication of research findings in IOMSN, CMSC and other peer reviewed journals.
      c. Offer scholarships to assist with costs of presentation of research findings at key educational conferences.
    7. Education Committee a. Develop and implement educational programs for MS nurses.
      b. Facilitate the growth of an MS nurses' speakers bureau.
      c. Serve as a resource for MS nurses and nurses in other related specialties.
    8. Nurse Fellowship Committee a. Receive and judge applications for scholarships and fellowships for attendance at annual meetings and for the certification examination.
      b. Assess submissions for special awards at the annual meeting.
      c. Judge submissions for MS nursing research.
      d. Assist the executive office in obtaining funding for the fellowship program.

      B. Special Committees
    1. Special committees, sometimes called ad hoc committees or task forces, performing some specific task may be appointed by the President.
    2. Duties might include investigations, planning and project development.
    3. The Board of Directors shall vote to accept, reject, or modify the recommendation of the special committee or task force and may choose to delegate additional work.
    4. Acknowledgement of the work of the special committee shall occur within 60 days of completion of a report provided to the Board of Directors.
    5. The special committee or task force shall cease to exist when their final report issued.

      C. Executive Committee of the Board of Directors
    1. The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors shall be chaired by the President of the IOMSN.
    2. The Executive Committee shall be composed of the President, President-elect, Secretary, Treasurer and immediate Past President.
    3. The Executive Committee shall be responsible for decision making that becomes necessary between regularly scheduled board meetings.
    4. All activities and decisions of the Executive Committee shall be subject to full board approval at the next regularly scheduled board meeting.

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    VI. Elected Officers' General Duties

    1. Shall be responsible for representing the IOMSN.
    2. Elected officers shall be responsible for developing policies for approved IOMSN activities.
    3. Elected officers shall provide oversight of the administrative activities conducted at the IOMSN office.
    4. The Board of Directors shall be reimbursed for the following items: a. Travel/lodging/meals/registration to and from Board Meetings and Annual Meeting.
      b. Expenses incurred in the execution of his/her duties.
      c. An IOMSN reimbursement voucher must be submitted and approved by the executive director before payment is received.
      d. Questionable items shall be referred to the Treasurer and/or President for resolution.

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    VII. Finances

    A. An annual budget of estimated income and expenditures shall be prepared by the administrative office and Treasurer and approved by the Board of Directors for the fiscal year. The fiscal year of the IOMSN shall be January 1 through December 31.

    B. The Executive Director authorizes payment of bill by the business manager. Bills, which exceed $25,000, must be reviewed and approved by the Treasurer prior to payment.

    C. Members and employees who have access to the organizations funds shall be bonded.

    D. An audit shall be conducted at the completion of any fiscal year as designated by the Board of Directors but no less than every three years. The audit is then presented at a full Board meeting.

    E. Each member shall be required to pay annual dues as established by the Board of Directors.
    F. Registration fees for meetings are paid by members, and exhibitors who exceed the limit under their exhibit fees.

    G. Non-members will pay registration fees as established by the Board of Directors.

    H. Any revenues generated by an IOMSN activity over and above the expenses incurred by that activity shall be returned to the general fund of the IOMSN.

    I. All funds raised shall be deposited in the IOMSN general account and distributed to various projects, committees, and administrative function, as outlined in the budget, or approved by the Board of Directors.

    J. 10% of the general fund shall be put into a reserve account which cannot be drawn upon without full board approval.

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    VIII. Position Statements

    The IOMSN may be asked to present position statements by members, non-members, Sponsors, or Partners. These must be presented for discussion at the Annual Meeting or during full Board meetings.

    A. Position statements seeking endorsement by the IOMSN as a whole require full Board approval and require a majority vote of the membership for endorsement.

    B. Position statements will be dated and reviewed every two years by the Board of Directors.

    C. Position statements will be re-submitted for a majority vote of the membership for endorsement.

    D. When there is no endorsement, the Board of Directors shall report to the submitting organizations.

    E. As position statements are developed and endorsed, they will be posted on the IOMSN Website.

    F. A list of current position statements generated by the IOMSN may be obtained through the administrative office.

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    IX. Archives

    The Archives shall be maintained and housed in the IOMSN office. The IOMSN office shall be responsible for:

    A. Keeping a permanent record of all IOMSN minutes, documents, history, and any other records designated by the Board of Directors. These may include and annual record of elected officers, chairs of committees, members and activities, special projects with budgets and achievements, ad hoc committees, letters and board actions, and records of external relations.

    B. Having available previous minutes and position statements for the previous five years.

    C. Maintaining an updated roster of members and an IOMSN meeting calendar.

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    X. Duties of the IOMSN Office

    The IOMSN office will:

    A. Implement policies and activities of the IOMSN under the direction of the Board.

    B. Be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the IOMSN.

    C. Negotiate all contracts associated with the IOMSN with a report to the Board of Directors.

    D. Manage the financial activities of the IOMSN with interactions with the Business Manager, Treasurer, and Accountant.

    E. Coordinate meeting management with a professional meeting planner/travel agent.

    F. Interact with other professional organizations on behalf of the IOMSN in cooperation with members of the Board of Directors.