MS EMPOWERMENT SERIES : Shared Decision Making in Multiple Sclerosis

Is It My Imagination, or Is It MS?
Cognitive Challenges and Issues for People wtih MS

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Long-Term Benefits of MS Treatment
What Can Be Gained By Staying on Therapy? 

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Staying Active and Healthy with MS
How to Find the Best Fitness Options for You? 

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Advanced Practice Nursing in MS : Advanced Skills, Advancing Responsibilities
Case Management in MS : A Stage-by-Stage Guide to MS Care for Nurse Case Managers
Clinically Isolated Syndrome (CIS)
Genetics in MS : A Guide for Nurses
Moving Forward : Adherence to Therapy & the Role of Nursing in MS
Multiple Sclerosis : A Nursing Update
Multiple Sclerosis : Best Practices in Nursing Care
Multiple Sclerosis : Key Issues in Nursing Management
The Dynamic MS Nurse : Challenges, Expanding Role & Future Directions

This publication is the result of a collaborative effort of nurse clinicians in New York. We hope that this information will enhance your body of knowledge related to MS care and research.

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